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This is the demo of Transmogrify - a sci-fi puzzle platformer where you turn enemies into objects with an unconventional weapon and use them to advance. The game is still in development.

Hope you enjoy, and please let us know if you would like anything changed.

Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2LT88Qa

Website: playtransmogrify.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheTransmogrify

Install instructions

Just unzip the download and run the game.


transmogrify_demo_2.0_windows.zip 92 MB
transmogrify_demo_2.0_macos.zip 107 MB
transmogrify_demo_2.0_linux.zip 93 MB

Development log


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nice game

This was super fun, so glad your Kickstarter got backed, and sorry I was late to the party!

I'm a huge fan of old-school platformer / puzzle games, so this little gem really filled a hole for me. The twist of having to use your enemies as platforms is solid gold, and I can't wait to see what extra little surprises await in the full game!

Keep up the awesome work! =)

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Windows version, right on start of the game, unfortunately.

Hope this helps. ;-)

Windows 10 64bit


My short Gameplay ;)

Thanks for playing!