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Hey, a really nice looking game.

Unfortunately cannot test it out because there's no mac version 😢 . Any news when it might be available again?

Sorry! There are some Godot-specific issues are still working on and will have the Mac build available soon. 

I will post it on here when it is ready. Not sure if notifications go out, so you can follow us on Twitter @TheTransmogrify for immediate updates.

nice game

Just dropped new demos!

This was super fun, so glad your Kickstarter got backed, and sorry I was late to the party!

I'm a huge fan of old-school platformer / puzzle games, so this little gem really filled a hole for me. The twist of having to use your enemies as platforms is solid gold, and I can't wait to see what extra little surprises await in the full game!

Keep up the awesome work! =)


Just dropped new demos!

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Windows version, right on start of the game, unfortunately.

Hope this helps. ;-)

Windows 10 64bit

Thanks, we fixed that bug!

Just dropped new demos!


My short Gameplay ;)

Thanks for playing!

Just dropped new demos!